ten things i love now

1. tomorrow is friday!

2. i only have 1 hour of class tomorrow, and it’s not until 2 p.m.

3. lungs by florence & the machine. this is going to be perfect workout music.

4. my laundry is done, and doing it gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

5. i think i’m going to trader joe’s this weekend. my first time!

6. my hair color looks really good right now. thank you perfect 10 dark auburn.

7. the spring collection at j. crew. yummy.

8. tonight’s dinner was a fabulous tofu stir fry with brown rice and peanut sauce. double yummy.

9. my birthday is in less than two months. for some reason, i’m excited about 22.

10. i bought the new issue of cosmo to read. guilty pleasure, much?

but if you try sometime…

you might just find

you get what you need.

this week has been one of those where i’m constantly hungry and where i struggle to stay within my normal eating plan. but tonight i decided to finally give my body the extra food it wanted. this made me really nervous, to be completely honest, but i think it was good for me. i was getting stuck in a routine that was a little too strict. and you know what? it was just food. life is full of it. i’ll be fine.

in other news, i’m EXHAUSTED. i’m thinking about going to bed really soon. i also feel like i might be getting sick, so an early bedtime might be a great choice.

lots to do tomorrow! grad school stuff, one class, errands, volunteering at a daycare(!), hitting the gym, and catching up on homework are all part of the mix, but i need to make my grad school application my priority. wish me luck!

relax, take it easyyyyy

my one class of the day is out of the way. did some half-assed cardio for 40 minutes at the gym, made a disastrous oatmeal pancake (still tasted pretty legit), and now i think it’s time to relax in my bed and watch a movie on my lovely little macbook.

i have many more productive tasks that i could be doing, but i really think that right now i need to tune out and take a break. i’m hoping two hours or so in relax mode will rejuvenate me for the rest of the day. time will tell.

but sometimes i forget

last week taught me some good life lessons:

there is no reason to ever compare myself to another person in terms of weight, eating habits, or exercise routines. it’s not fair to me, and it’s honestly just stupid. i am a beautiful, healthy, balanced, independent, and unique individual. what works for someone else doesn’t have to work for me. i don’t need to weigh less than someone else to have value. i don’t need to eat less, drink less, or exercise more. the only person i need to be accountable to is myself. this is my journey, my body, and my health. there is no deadline or finish line, and this is not a competition, nor should it ever be.

i feel so much better having said that. i struggled recently with comparing myself to a friend in terms of  , and it was really hard for me. a lot of old feelings came rushing back, and i was seriously tempted to get back into nasty behaviors that i dealt with in the past. i’m happy to say that i snapped out of it, and i now feel like i’m moving forward in a positive direction.

i’m currently at my parents’ house, and i have to drive back to my college for classes, which start at 9. but first, i’m going to go to panera and get a bagel. i never eat bagels because they seem too full of calories and carbs to fit into my day, but i’m treating myself (just because it’s monday). i think i’m also going to get a light frappuccino. i think that indulging is just what i need to get me through my classes and reinforce the lessons described above. so happy monday!

realizations and discoveries

things i’ve discovered over the past month or so:

1. history & philosophy of psychology might be the most boring class ever if our first meeting is an indication of how the semester will progress.

2. six cups of black coffee before 9:00 a.m. will make you nauseated.

3. crunchy maranatha + one baked sweet potato + cinnamon = one of the most amazing concoctions i’ve ever stumbled upon.

4. my writing skills are not what they used to be (i’m hoping this semester will fix that).

5. all that hype about chi flatirons? totally justified.

6. i don’t blog here nearly as much as i’d like to, but i’m going to start making a bigger effort.

bye bye break

does anyone else feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day?

today is my last day at my parents’ house before i pack up and head back to school, and it seems like i have so much to do! i went to bed early last night to get a jumpstart on my day, but waking up at 6 a.m. still sucked.

anyways, i spent an hour on the elliptical and then went shopping for a weekend’s worth of food to feed my sorority. we’re all heading back early to prepare for recruitment, and i’m in charge of planning and cooking the meals. i bought food for three lunches and four dinners for 25 women, and it only cost $190 and took two hours. BAM.

unfortunately, i still have lots to do. i’m getting my hair cut at 1:00, and after that i need to work on revising my grad school application essays, packing up my stuff, getting some last-minute things at the store, and working on my essays some more. i don’t know where my break went, but i feel like it flew by WAY too fast.

i set some goals for myself to do over break, and it only seems right to revisit them now.


  1. exercise in some form everyday (accomplished this one for sure!)
  2. start strength training routine (i’ve been strength training 3 times a week)
  3. get back into pilates (uhhh…working on it. i did do some yoga, and i just got a new pilates dvd in the mail)


  1. stay away from processed foods & pop (i did this for the most part)
  2. experiment with new foods & recipes (did this one too. i definitely think i branched out)


  1. study hardcore for the GRE (i take it on december 21st!) (i studied a LOT, and my math score improved by about 200 points. but my verbal score AND my essay scores both were lower the second time, even after studying for both. SERIOUSLY??)
  2. read 4 books for fun (well, i started reading 4 books for fun. does that count? i’m a bit bummed about this one!)


  1. make scrapbook (didn’t even start. whoops!)
  2. organize/plan for sorority event (mostly done)
  3. complete all grad school materials & mail application by january 10th (whoops. life and anxiety got in the way here, but i’m working on it!)

overall, i think i did pretty well. i feel like i was busy during the entire break, whether i was studying for the GRE, traveling to see friends, or working on grad school stuff. i definitely didn’t spend a lot of time sitting around like i normally do. would it have been nice to read 4 books, get my grad school stuff in earlier, make that scrapbook, and become a pilates buff? of course. but life gets in the way, and you have to be happy with where you’re at.

i have to go get ready for my hair appointment, which i’m super excited about. i hope it turns out well. we shall see.

flightless bird

i head back to school on wednesday. i don’t know where this break went.

i’m excited to go back, but i cannot believe that this is my last semester of undergrad. where did four years go??

i’m going to spend the rest of my night listening to the twilight soundtrack, dreaming of buying things from anthropologie, and revising my grad application essays. haircut tomorrow – i’m excited!